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Diamond cup grinding wheel
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Diamond cup grinding wheels combine excellent abrasive performance with long service life

The diamond cup grinding wheels made by Klingspor are the dependable professional tools for challenging tasks. In 2015, Klingspor opened their production location for diamond tools in the West Ukrainian town of Lviv. Since that time, Klingspor has been continuously expanding on their diamond expertise. The diamond cup grinding wheels, along with various other top-of-the-line products in Klingspor’s portfolio, are developed at the research location in Haiger (Germany). This is where the technologies behind the company’s cutting and grinding products are constantly improved. Klingspor’s diamond cup grinding wheels are distinguished by their supreme quality and safety.

Highly advanced abrasive mop discs for many applications

When mounted on an angle grinder, a diamond cup grinding wheel included in Klingspor’s product range turns into a true all-rounder. This allows users to process such materials as

  • Concrete
  • Granite
  • Screed
  • Construction materials / abrasive materials

along with many other materials in a quick, safe and reliable manner. Special openings in the backing plate contribute to a high stock removal rate as they allow for a highly effective discharge of the abrasive dust, which will lead to perfect grinding results even on the hardest types of material. Users can choose between grinding wheels with standard segments and PKD cutting wedges. The versatility of the diamond cup grinding wheels included in the selection makes these products suitable for use in gardening and landscaping, on builder’s yards and in construction above and below ground and also makes them useful tools in road building. Even motivated do-it-yourselfers benefit from their excellent performance as they allow them to complete their projects with improved efficiency. As an option for direct mounting on an angle grinder, without a chuck, Klingspor offers a matching M 14 adapter.

Backing pad with a high level of safety

In an effort to constantly improve the safety of their high speed abrasive tools, Klingspor has joined forces with other companies and founded the oSa, the Centre of Excellence for the safety of abrasives. This voluntary association has committed to observe all European safety standards relevant to the manufacturing of tools as well as the even stricter manufacturing and testing standards established by the oSa. This commitment translates to concrete benefits for the user: safety during use for all tools branded with the protected oSa seal all across the globe.

Professionals rely on Klingspor’s experience

Klingspor’s knowledgeable service staff are always happy to help users find the matching diamond cup grinding wheel. The comprehensive advice and support they provide are an integral part of Klingspor’s corporate philosophy. Experienced staff members with a technical background and detailed product knowledge that is second to none help the user gain a firm grasp of the product selection.